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Tucked away quietly and conveniently off Greenwich Avenue, La Suite is a modern studio that practices smart, personalized skincare in an unpretentious, approachable setting.

Our “face time” approach customizes all treatments and products on a “face-by-face” basis.

We offer personalized protocols that eliminate the stuff you don’t need and deliver the results you want. Because one skin- or skincare treatment- does not fit all.

Whether you are seeking a super effective facial, want to enhance results from laser and injection treatments or decrease bounce back time, your skin’s wish is our command.


Visit us on Mason Street in Greenwich, CT or at our Manhattan location La Suite at Union Square Dermatology.


Rhea Souhleris / Founder

La Suite creator Rhea Souhleris is a trusted skincare specialist who has been practicing esthetics for over two decades. Featured on television and in magazines as a leading beauty industry expert, she also partners with leading dermatologists.

The former head esthetician with the highest request rate at New York City’s famed Bliss Spa, Rhea built her career across the globe under the guidance of skincare gurus in Melbourne, Paris, Boston and New York City.

Her loyal clients wish they could bottle her up.



Team Greenwich, CT

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