La Suite Peel: $250

Whether you need an immediate quick fix or a more extensive, long-term fixer upper, this peel resurfaces and renovates the skin for a smoother, more even and uniform complexion. A single peel will visibly improve moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles and rough patches instantly. Expect a little downtime and shedding 2 days after, for up to 5 days. Repeat 3-6 times 4 weeks apart to build even more compelling cumulative results upon this foundation. The ultimate retexturing overhaul, this treatment remodels this skin with a medically effective makeover. 

* You may not use any retinoids or chemicals on your face 48 hours prior.



Red Carpet Peel: $200

When life calls for A-list skin in an instant and there’s no time for downtime. This super fast and effective non-invasive facial features a custom cleanse, physical exfoliation and illuminating peel to reveal a lighter, brighter and tighter complexion.  Fabulous skin … in a flash.



Customized Peel Application: $100

Treat your complexion to a personalized ten minute pick me up that targets whatever’s troubling it most.  Whether you’re looking to ditch fine lines and wrinkles, even hyperpigmentation, minimize large pores, smooth rough texture, control oil, calm rosacea or redness, brighten dullness or all of the above, we’ll cocktail a custom peel to help skin lose dead surface cells and promote growth factors in no time with minimal microscopic shedding and no downtime.



Mini Peel: $50

Choose from three fast, effective exfoliating treatments that deliver instant gratification without any harsh side effects. These 2-10 minute Brightening, Purifying or Hydrating peels refresh and revitalize in seconds- your complexion’s quickest ticket to radiance.